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5 Real Estate Apps Realtors Recommend That Are Not Zillow

What are the best real estate apps to search for properties according to Wisconsin realtors?

You may think Zillow and are always the best real estate apps for property searches, but professional real estate agents will tell you that there are much better solutions. 

Apps like Zillow are fine if you’re just browsing but if you’re starting to seriously consider buying a house and you’re ready to view properties, it’s time to use a real estate app that is more accurate than Zillow.

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Why Zillow is NOT the Best Real Estate App

We always say the “A” in Zillow is for Accuracy. 😉

We know Zillow and other apps like it will never replace a knowledgable real estate agent. They are only as good as the information that has been entered. For homes in neighborhoods where few homes go up for sale, the information tends to be inaccurate, and this can frustrate buyers, sellers, and realtors alike.

Another common accuracy problem with Zillow is it shows users more properties are available than is accurate. Homes can already have an accepted offer, but Zillow does not reveal that the property is already pending. This can be frustrating for people searching for a new home because they spend time researching, debating, and planning to tour the homes.

Apps similar to Zillow that are OK but NOT the best:

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Overall Best Real Estate App: Homesnap

All of our Shine agents agree their overall favorite real estate app is Homesnap. The quality and quantity of information it gives realtors and buyers are awesome. Homesnap also connects real estate agents directly with buyers, so they can message back and forth.

A signature feature of Homesnap is that users can snap a picture of a home and the app will identify the property and listing information. The property information in Homesnap is pulled directly from the MLS (multiple listing service), so it is always accurate.

Accurate information is so important when you’re making a big decision like buying a new home!

Best Real Estate App for Southern Wisconsin: HomeSearchNOW

HomeSearchNOW is a special app we provide for our clients house hunting in Southern Wisconsin so they can look at properties that are linked directly to the MLS.

Some agents and websites only pull from the Madison or the Milwaukee MLS, but our app is connected to both the Milwaukee MLS and Madison MLS to ensure you’re seeing all the properties listed for sale in these two areas! 

Another feature we love about our app is that it shows when a property is under contract, so you don’t waste your time and energy considering a property that is no longer available.

HomeSearchNOW is a great way to connect directly with your Shine Realtor so you can mark your favorites and message back and forth within the app.

HomeSearchNOW is available in the Google Play app store and the Apple app store. If you’re new to the app, you’ll need an invite to log in, so text or email your favorite Shine realtor to get your exclusive app invite.

If you aren’t connected with a Shine agent yet, fill out the form below and one of our real estate rockstars will contact you soon!

Would you like a VIP invite to the HomeSearchNOW app?

A perk of using our app and signing up for our emails is you can be notified right away when properties are hitting the market!

Stay on top of the market with our Southern Wisconsin real estate market updates.

Best Real Estate App for Commercial Properties: LoopNet

Loopnet is the best resource for commercial properties for sale. This real estate app is very targeted and informative.

You can search for commercial real estate by:

  • property type
  • location
  • properties for lease
  • properties up for auction
  • businesses for sale

While there are some commercial properties listed on the other real estate apps, all our agents agree Loopnet is the best for this type of real estate.

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Best App for Virtual Real Estate Showings: Facetime

Many house hunters have virtually viewed a property with the Facetime app. Both initial showings of a property and final walk-throughs have been completed with buyers and their real estate agent using the Facetime app. 

For a variety of reasons, virtual showings have become more popular the last few years, and Facetime allows house hunters the next-best-thing to seeing a home in person.

The Google Meet app is an alternative for android users.

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Best App to Find Rentals: is the best website and app to find apartments and townhomes for rent.

You can also find houses for rent on Facebook either in local community groups or on marketplace. One thing to be cautious of is scammers who claim a home is for rent when it’s actually for sale. Scammers target your application fee for personal information and a security deposit.

Local Facebook groups can be a good place to find houses for rent though. Rental owners will often share in local groups if a rental property will be available soon (if they don’t already have a waiting list).

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Great Resource for Land: County Land Record Websites

While we don’t have a different app we use for land specifically, we do use county websites for parcel information. They can be helpful for lot lines, flood plains, and ownership.

Here are the links to some of the county websites in our area:

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