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Best Time to Sell a House in Wisconsin

What is the best time to sell a house in Wisconsin? This is a question many people ask when they’re considering selling a house, land, or investment property. In this article, we answer when is the best and the worst time to sell a house in Wisconsin, based on our decades of real estate experience.

The summer months are typically the busiest months for real estate in Wisconsin. Summer months have the highest number of house closings, and it’s when the median home price is highest.

What are the Best Months to Sell a House in Wisconsin

Let’s look at some recent real estate data for more details and information to see when most houses sell in Wisconsin.

The Best Month to Sell a House in 2021 in Wisconsin

It’s clear the weather and school year impact real estate in Wisconsin, as most house sales occur during the summer months. The following information is based on data from the Wisconsin REALTORS Association.

In 2021, the months with the most homes sold in Wisconsin were:

  1. August
  2. June
  3. July
  4. September

In 2021, the highest median house price was during the following months:

  1. June
  2. July and August
  3. May

Keep in mind, houses that close in August were listed and accepted offers in June or July, usually 30-60 days before closing.

Check out our South-Central Wisconsin Real Estate Market Reports to see the most recent real estate market updates.

We have real estate market updates for:

The Best Month to Sell a House in 2020

The 2020 pandemic shook up the typical spring/summer real estate season. It was still a hot year for real estate in Wisconsin, but the busiest months occurred later in the year.

In 2020, the most Wisconsin homes sold in:

  1. July
  2. October
  3. August
  4. September
  5. June

In 2020, the highest median house price was in:

  1. August
  2. September
  3. October
  4. July

Best Months to Sell a House in 2019

Let’s look at the Wisconsin real estate data one more year back to see what the real estate trends were in Wisconsin pre-2020:

  1. August
  2. July
  3. June
  4. May

In 2019, the months with the highest median home price were:

  1. June
  2. August
  3. July
  4. May

When Do Houses Sell Fastest in Wisconsin

Another factor to consider when deciding when to sell your house is days on market. If you’re looking to sell your house as quickly as possible, of course choosing the right real estate agent to help you prepare, price, and market your house is vital, but the time of year is another factor to consider.

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Months with Fewest Days on Market Dane County Metro Area 2021

In the Dane County metro area, houses had the fewest days on market from February through October 2021. May and June had the fewest median days on market. This is based on data from Redfin.

Months with Fewest Days on Market Jefferson County 2021

The data of median days on market for Jefferson County in 2021 show houses got accepted offers the fastest during:

  1. April – 43 days on market
  2. July – 44 days on market
  3. August – 44 days on market

Houses sold quickly all year in 2021 however. From March until December, the median days on market for houses was 51 days or less.

This trend of homes selling the fastest during spring, summer, and fall is typical throughout the state of Wisconsin.

When Should You List Your House for Sale in Wisconsin

When you’re trying to figure out when is the best month to sell your house in Wisconsin, you’ll probably want to consider four things:

  1. When do most homes sell in Wisconsin?
  2. When do homes sell for the most money in Wisconsin?
  3. When do homes sell the fastest?
  4. When does it work best for your unique circumstances? (Most Important One!)

Statistics aside, the best time to sell a house in Wisconsin is whenever you are ready! Houses sell any time of year, especially in a seller’s market when there’s more demand for housing than there is available supply.

However, if you’re looking to get the most interested buyers to consider buying your house, there’s one time period to consider avoiding.

What Time of Year is Worst to Sell a House in Wisconsin

Based on our real estate experience, the “worst” time to sell a house in Wisconsin is mid-November until mid-January because most people are focused on the holidays, hosting, and buying gifts (not houses).

According to Wisconsin REALTORS Association data, the “worst” months for real estate sales in Wisconsin are January and February. In 20221, February was the month with the fewest number of home sales and January had the second-fewest home sales.

In 2021, January was the month with the lowest median home price at $210,000. The second lowest was in February when the median home price was $215,000.

A perk about selling in the winter, however, is the buyers out looking are usually serious and qualified. Plus, there’s less competition with fewer houses listed for sale.

When to Sell Your House in Wisconsin

The current real estate market in Wisconsin is a seller’s market, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the best and worst times to sell your house.

If you have flexibility in when you list your house for sale, consider avoiding the time around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Spring and summer tend to be the best times to sell.

But if you don’t have flexibility when you sell, don’t fret. At least 4,000 houses sell every month and our RE/MAX Shine agents are happy to help you make it happen any time of year! Here’s our free guide for sellers so you know exactly what it’s like to sell a house with a Shine realtor!

More House Selling Tips

Let us know a little about the house you’re looking to sell and enjoy our Tips from the Pros for Selling a House in Wisconsin before you go!

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