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Is Your Realtor Good? How to Evaluate a Real Estate Agent

There are thousands of realtors in Wisconsin, and you might be wondering if your realtor is good? This article will give you fifteen ways to evaluate a real estate agent, so you know if you are working with a good realtor or not.


15 Ways to Evaluate a Real Estate Agent

  1. Do they use professional pictures?
  2. Are they available for showings?
  3. Are they willing to guide you through the process without being pushy?
  4. Do they have good communication skills?
  5. Do they seem good at marketing (online & print) and have a marketing plan to show you?
  6. Do they ask important questions about your goals (and listen)?
  7. Are they familiar with the area?
  8. Do they have negotiation skills?
  9. Do they pay attention to details and deadlines?
  10. Do they have homes sitting on the market not selling?
  11. Do they act professional?
  12. Do they remain calm and find solutions when unexpected obstacles arise?
  13. Are they willing to find out what they don’t yet know?
  14. Do they tell you the truth and put your interests above their own?
  15. Do they go above-and-beyond to help make your home shine?

Considering these fifteen questions will give you a good idea about whether your real estate agent is a good one. If not, it might be time to hire a new realtor.

What About Working with a New Real Estate Agent?

Newer real estate agents don’t have as much knowledge of the market and process. So, is working with a newer real estate agent something you should avoid?

Working With New Realtors

Realtors with experience are great, but that doesn’t mean hiring a new real estate agent is a bad idea. New agents have a lot to offer.

New real estate agents often have more time and energy to focus on you because they aren’t working with many clients at once.

They’ll also be eager to please you as they’re trying to build their reputation in the real estate business and attract new clients.

At RE/MAX Shine, our newer agents typically work with an experienced mentor, so you actually get the best of both worlds!

If these things are important to you, a newer agent could be a great fit!

Working With Experienced Realtors

On the flip side, working with an experienced agent has obvious benefits. Realtors with a lot of experience may have a wide network, effective marketing, knowledge of the process, and be able to handle a lot of clients at the same time.

If you choose to work with an experienced real estate agent, you may need to be patient about their availability and you may hear from one of their assistants or co-workers once in a while.

Choose a Good Realtor. Choose Shine.

We believe everyone deserves an amazing real estate experience.

When you, or someone you know, is thinking about buying or selling, tell them they need to choose RE/MAX Shine!

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