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Top Paint Colors to Sell a House

Looking for good interior paint colors to sell your house? What paint colors do real estate agents like and use?

When you live in your home, the paint and decor are all about your personal preferences. But when you decide to sell your house, a fresh, clean, neutral home often does better on the market than a personalized one.

The ultimate goal when selling is for your house to be a welcoming place potential buyers can envision themselves living in.

paint to sell house before-after remax shine wisconsin 1
paint to sell house before-after remax shine wisconsin

Look at the difference above, which is a real before-and-after paint & staging upgrade to sell a house in Wisconsin.

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Should You Paint Before Selling Your House?

A fresh coat of paint can spruce up a home, but not every homeowner needs to paint. And the color you pick matters. Some paint colors help the sale of your home, while others can hurt your home’s value.

So here are guidelines from top Wisconsin realtors for painting your house before selling to help you decide IF you should paint, and WHAT COLORS to use.

Yes, you should paint before selling if…

  • the paint is not in good condition (chipped, dirty, scuffed, or stained)
  • the walls are bright paint colors (fire engine red, hot pink, lime green, bright orange, or bright yellow)

No, you don’t need to paint before selling if…

  • the paint is in good condition
  • and the paint is like-able colors of white, cream, gray, beige, soft greens, and most blues

Note: You can always text your favorite Shine realtor for painting advice if you’re thinking about selling. We’d LOVE to help!


What are Good Paint Colors to Sell a House?

If you’ve decided you should paint before selling your house, the next step is figuring out which color to paint it.

Paint colors can evoke different feelings. Some paints can make a room look bright and spacious. Paint can help a home feel welcoming and even evoke calm and pleasant feelings.

These are things house hunters will (sometimes unconsciously) look for when they’re viewing your house.

In general, light, neutral colors are the safest colors to paint the main living areas of your house.

Go-To Paint Colors From RE/MAX Shine Realtors & Staff

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Caution with White Paint Colors

alabaster paint color living room
Living Room painted with Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.

White paint can make a home feel bigger and brighter, but some shades of white can make a room feel cold and sterile, while others can feel dingy or outdated.

So here are six trusty white and off-white paint colors that can make your home look brighter and bigger for potential buyers:

Trusty Neutral Paint Colors

Today’s buyers want the home to be “move-in ready” and even paint is hard for some buyers to see past. Neutral paint colors are a safe choice when painting a house to sell.

Even if a potential buyer doesn’t love your exact choice of gray or beige paint, they won’t be thinking about how they “have to paint that room before moving in” like they would if it’s a room with hot pink or lime green walls.

Here are some neutral paint colors by Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Magnolia to consider to find one that goes with your flooring, trim, and decor.

Sherwin Williams Neutral Paint Colors

agreeable gray sherwin williams paint color to sell house
Living Room painted with Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Benjamin Moore Neutral Paint Colors

Other Good Neutral Paint Colors

Ultimately, the paint color that will look great in your home will depend on what color goes with your trim, floors, cabinets, curtains, and decor.

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Paint Color Ideas by Room

You can keep it simple and pick one white or neutral paint color for all of the main living areas of your home that need re-painting. But if you’re looking for different paint colors that tend to work well in various rooms of the house, here are some ideas.

Bathroom Paint Colors

Light blue, gray, and off-white are three great options for bathrooms. Dark colors can make small rooms like half bathrooms feel even smaller.

Bathroom painted with Jubilee by Sherwin Williams.

Bedroom Paint Colors

Deep shades of blue paint can make bedrooms feel restful and relaxing. Blue rooms have been shown to be associated with feelings of calm, peace, and tranquility, so it’s no wonder potential buyers are drawn to homes with blue bedrooms.

Bedroom painted with Meditative by Sherwin Williams.

Other bedroom paint colors that could help your home sell are deep greens, light grays, and whites.

Here are some bedroom paint color ideas:

Living Room Paint Colors

Light gray has been a trendy paint color for living rooms and other main living areas, so the grays, whites, and beige colors listed above are safe living room paint colors.

If your living room or an accent wall would benefit from more color (to make a fireplace stand out, for example) a sage green or deep blue are good colors to consider with your trim and decor.

silver strand sherwin williams paint living room before selling
Living Room painted with Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams.

Here are some paint colors for living rooms:

Kitchen Paint Colors

White and gray are again popular paint colors for kitchens walls and cabinets. Painted cabinets can break up that wood-on-wood look if you have wood floors that meet wood cabinets.

Alabaster sherwin williams kitchen paint color to sell house
Kitchen painted with Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.

Popular white paint colors for kitchens include:

If your cabinets are outdated but you don’t want to paint all your cabinets, consider painting the kitchen island. It’s less work and money, and can still give your kitchen an updated pop of color for selling.

Popular kitchen island colors are:

Final Paint Tips Before Selling

Ask your realtor’s advice ((like us!) or a friend with interior design experience if you’re not planning to sell with a realtor! Realtors spend many hours walking with house hunters, so we regularly hear comments from buyers on what they do and don’t like when it comes to paint colors.

Some of us have Sherwin Williams Color Fan Decks that we’d be happy to bring over to discuss paint color choices before you sell too.

Test paint on a wall by ordering samples that stick to the wall, buying a small can, or using an online room visualizer (like this Sherwin-Williams one) to give you an idea of how a paint color will appear.

Don’t forget to touch up the trim if you have painted trim that’s chipped! Fresh paint can help a house feel newer, no matter its age.

Best wishes as you embark on the journey of selling your house!

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Ultimately, the best paint color for your house is something that looks good with your flooring, curtains, furniture, trim, and decor.

-SHINE Real Estate Team

Do You Have a Realtor to Help Sell Your House Yet?

If you don’t have a trusted realtor to help you sell your house yet, call, stop by, or email RE/MAX Shine today.

Our team of highly-trained professional real estate agents would be honored to help you sell your house faster and for the most money, without the stress!

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