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Shine Nomination

Do you know someone who shines?

You can nominate someone from our local communities for a ☀️We Think You Shine Award☀️ by filling out the form below!

We love recognizing people whose amazing service to others may get overlooked like our first award recipient, Gabbie Zastrow!


Gabbie was nominated by Cortney Zehren because of her servant-minded ways in how she lives her life. She just stepped in to help St Paul Lutheran in Lake Mills when their 4th grade teacher had to move suddenly due to her new husband’s service duties. Gabbie always steps up to help and the students in her classroom could not have been more excited to see their teacher receive this award. May God bless you Gabbie! Thanks for making such a difference wherever you go with how you shine! ☀❤🙌🏻

-Adriane Stuebs and RE/MAX Shine

Please share the person you’re nominating and why, as well as contact information. If your nomination is selected, we may contact you to gather more information.

Each quarter, RE/MAX Shine will consider all the nominations and treat someone to the special recognition they deserve! ☀️