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Shine Nomination

Do you know someone who shines?

You can nominate someone from our local communities for a ☀️We Think You Shine Award☀️ by filling out the form at the bottom of this page!

What is the ‘We Think You Shine’ Award?

In a world filled with negativity, the RE/MAX Shine agency wants to use our voice to lift others up.

By highlighting the good things people are doing via the “We Think You Shine” award, we hope to get back to the heart of what it means to be a true community – its people.

Most Recent ‘We Think You Shine’ Award Recipients

We were excited to present TWO “We Think You Shine” awards recently to the very deserving Jenny Krauklis & Melinda Perez!


Jenny Krauklis was nominated by Michelle Taylor.

Pictured: Adriane Stuebs, broker/owner; Jenny Krauklis, Michelle Storlie

“Despite her busy schedule as a teacher, mom, and state-champion volleyball coach, Jenny still finds time to volunteer as a basketball and softball coach for elementary-aged girls. Her dedication to teaching sportsmanship and skills to the girls is truly inspiring. Jenny goes above and beyond by running the breakfast club at the high school, ensuring that every student in need has access to food before school.”

Keep Shining, Jenny!

Melinda Perez was nominated by Mary Novak and Jen Pinnow for her outstanding work in the Jefferson community.

Pictured: Jen Pinnow, Melinda Perez, Allie Beirl

“As owner of No-XQz, LLC, Melinda specializes in home and office organization, fine art, jewelry, and home décor. Melinda’s professional skills and creativity make her a dynamic volunteer. She actively serves as a Jefferson Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, Friends of Goat Island President, Cub Scouts Den Leader, and East Elementary PTO Member.

These nominations were highlighted by the Watertown Daily Times and Daily Jefferson County Union.

Keep Shining, Melinda!

Past Award Recipients

Becca Lauber was nominated by her husband, Steve Lauber

for being a caring mother, wonderful nurse, and loving wife who is always putting others first before her needs.❤️

Pictured: Erika Haar, Adriane Stuebs, broker/owner; Becca and Steve Lauber.

Becca is a caring mother to Trey and Ella, loving wife of Steve, and wonderful nurse to many. She expresses her servant heart both professionally and personally. As a registered nurse and private caregiver, she provides in-home care to individuals. For years, Becca was the lead dance teacher at Rock Lake Activity Center teaching rhythm and grace to young people throughout Lake Mills.

-Adriane Stuebs and RE/MAX Shine

Keep Shining, Becca!

This nomination was highlighted in the Watertown Daily Times.

Gabbie Zastrow was nominated by Cortney Zehren


Gabbie was nominated because of her servant-minded ways in how she lives her life. She just stepped in to help St Paul Lutheran in Lake Mills when their 4th grade teacher had to move suddenly due to her new husband’s service duties. Gabbie always steps up to help and the students in her classroom could not have been more excited to see their teacher receive this award. May God bless you Gabbie! Thanks for making such a difference wherever you go with how you shine! ☀❤🙌🏻

-Adriane Stuebs and RE/MAX Shine

Nominate Someone for the ‘We Think You Shine’ Award

We love recognizing people whose amazing service to others may get overlooked.

Please share the person you’re nominating and why, as well as contact information. If your nomination is selected, we may contact you to gather more information.

Twice per year, the Shine team considers all nominations and treats someone to special recognition for their selfless service! ☀️